About us

It’s clear from the second you walk in that this store is much more than just a music store. To the people who understand it best, this store represents a close family of people who enjoy learning, teaching and sharing music with the community and the worlds coolest music store provides the perfect setting and tools needed to do so.

The store is home to tons of musical instruments; Guitars, drums, amps and basses of all kinds. And they come in a variety styles, colours and sizes so your guaranteed to find one that suits your personality. Learn More..

Music Lessons
We have a group of incredible teachers on board that allow us to provide high quality music lessons for guitar, piano, drums and vocals. Our teachers are dedicated to providing the best lessons possible to our students so they continue to enjoy learning music here time and time again. Learn More..

Band T-Shirts, Bags, Guitar Picks, Straps, Drum Sticks; you name it, we’ve got it! We carry all kinds of band merchandise and instrument accessories so you can represent your favorite bands anywhere, anytime. Learn More..

Experience it for yourself..
To truly experience the worlds coolest music store you need to come down and check it out for yourself, visit ourĀ  Contact Page for information on finding/contacting the store.